Monday, September 18, 2006

Pictures: This summer we got a new black lab puppy (Lacey) to add to our family. She is a great companion for our other lab, Sysko, and helps keep the family entertained at home and when we go camping. They especially like running around on the beach down at Ocean Shores where we frequently camp on the weekends.
Current Position: Sixth grade teacher & Planning Assistant Principal for Carson Elementary
Work Location: The overflow campus of Pope Elementary at ERHS.
Family: I have two daughters, Kirsten (15) and Megan (12), who both attend Aylen Junior High. My wife, Brenda, is a nurse at Tacoma General Hospital and an active Girl Scout troop leader. We also have the two dogs mentioned above to round out the family at our home in the Puyallup valley.
Interesting Fact: I am an army brat and spent much of my early childhood living abroad, mostly in Germany. My mom is German so we have plenty of relatives over there that now visit us here frequently. We also like hosting foreign exchange students and have hosted many kids from Japan, China, and Germany over the years.Dream Job: When I was young my dream jobs varied from an active career in an emergency room as a physician, a helicopter pilot, an adventuresome career in the military, or just simply becoming the next Superman. Once I found out you had to be an actor to do that one, I decided to go to college instead and discovered that working with kids was my true calling where I could spark kids’ imaginations just like my teachers had obviously done to mine!


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