Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Sandi Adams-Ahlers

Pictures: The picture was taken on a whale-watching expedition during our summer vacation to Alaska. My husband, Bryson, and I were watching with amazement as a pod of about 15-20 humpback whales were bubble feeding. To watch these leviathans orchestrate their feeding in unison was truly a lifetime experience. We saw a second pod doing the same thing later in the day which, according to locals, was a rare experience.
Current Position: This year I am teaching a grade 3/4 split at Stewart Elementary.
Work Location: Stewart Elementary
Family: I am married to Bryson, who is a lifelong learner with a passion for education. He is a physician and a wonderful helpmate. He has always been involved with education, and my students love to talk science with him. I have 2 step-sons, Chris and Brian, who live in Southern California. We live in Graham and spend as much time in nature as we can.
Interesting Fact: Going to the library was always one of my favorite activities as a child. I still am an avid reader and at one time had enough books to open my own bookstore. I now recycle most of the books I read to friends and family and even our librarian comes to me to get her book fix.
Dream Job: When I was in 3rd grade I decided I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. Being the 10th of 12 children I didn’t think I would ever have to opportunity to go further then high school. My dream came true…working with children!


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