Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jo Ann Noel

Pictures: I am standing in the Atlantic Ocean at Jacksonville, North Carolina. Roy and I spent three weeks there this summer visiting with our son, Marc. The water is so much warmer than the Pacific Ocean. The second picture is of Roy and I enjoying Valentine’s Day on the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train. The last picture is of our dog “Duke”. He is a German Shorthair Pointer and is nine years old. Duke lives with our son in North Carolina because hunting for birds is a great pastime for the two of them.
Current Position: Second Grade Teacher
Work Location: Spinning Elementary
Family: I have been married to a wonderful man, Roy, for 34 years. He is semi-retired and loves to cook dinner for us! We have two children. Marc is a professor of Geology at a college in North Carolina. Lori is a lease analyst for a firm in Fife. They both are products of the great Puyallup School District K-12 and then onto the college of their choice. Marc graduated from CWU and UTEP and Lori from WWU.Interesting Fact: Roy and I have begun remodeling our home that we have lived in for 29 years. I have learned to install toilets, hardwood floors, mud ‘n tape, light fixtures, and tile! I can’t say that it is my “dream job”, but I am enjoying the challenge of fixing up and updating our home.
Dream Job: I am living my “dream job”. I grew up with two brothers and two sisters in Tacoma. We lived in a large older home with a great basement. I always insisted on playing school in that basement and my students were my siblings, neighbors, and cousins. Of course, I was always the teacher. As a first grader, I knew that I wanted to teach when I got older. I have taught for 32 years and have enjoyed every moment. I can’t think of any other job that one could have for so long and still love getting up every day and going to work


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