Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Amber Petersen

Current position: Librarian and BTL at Spinning Elementary.
Work location: Spinning Elementary
Family: My children are growing much faster than I ever imagined they would. My son is 21 and attends WSU. Go Cougs!!!!! He is starting his Jr. year and majoring in mechanical engineering. My daughter will be turning 20 in just a few short months and will be attending Clover Park technical school in their dental assistant program. This summer has been a great opportunity for us to do some wonderful mother/daughter time. The majority of my family lives in Shelby, Montana. This is where my mother, two of my three older brothers live. Needless to say I am the youngest and the only girl. Don’t worry I wasn’t brought up to always get my way. I had to learn to negotiate to get it. LOL
Interesting fact: As a child my favorite place to go in the summer was to my uncle’s farm. I grew up riding donkeys, and trying to milk cows, that didn’t want to be milked. I learned to drive early in life. I believe I was about 12 and my cousin taught me to drive a tractor. I almost ran him over but lucky for him there was a fence to climb. I believe life on the farm taught me to be adventurous and maybe even a bit of a thrill seeker. One of the reason I had sooooo much fun this summer doing the zip line at Whistler. The best part of the ride was getting stuck 2000 ft above the river and having to be rescued.
Dream Job: I don’t know if I ever thought much about a dream job when I was younger. However as I have been teaching for 29 years I realize this must be my dream job, because I am having so much fun with it. I have never like having a job where you did the same thing
day after day. In the library no day is ever the same. Every year I get to share new books to students. What could be more rewarding?


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