Thursday, August 24, 2006

Arturo Gonzalez

Pictures: I turned 40 last June. The birthday dinner was cooked by the in-house chefs (the sparkling cider was imported from Top Foods). Celestina is a school teacher currently on a family raising sabbatical
Current Position: Carson Elementary Planning Principal Work Location: Cubicle at ESC (I have a back-up niche at Firgrove Elementary)
Family: One wife (Celestina) and four daughters (Olivia/age 6, Luci/age 4, Gabi/age 2, and Alanna/age 3 months)
Interesting Fact: When I was nine years old I felt that my name just wasn’t as great sounding as it could be. Being the second child of seven, I thought my parents just hadn’t yet gotten the hang of the best names. So I told my Dad that I should be able to change my name to Roy Rogers Gonzalez
Dream Job: In high school I was so shy that I thought my dream job would be to work in a cubicle. Now that I have one, I realize it’s definitely nothing to dream about (no offense to those who enjoy cubicle life). My real dream job is what I currently in education.


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